Okido Magazine #36 Friends

£4.00 £2.70


Okido Magazine #36 Friends

£4.00 £2.70

Feel the need to claw your little ones away from the consumerism onslaught? Okido magazine is a well made quarterly children’s arts and science magazine, featuring fantastic illustration, including the character Messy Monster (for it is he who trashes your room when no one’s looking).

It is aimed at ages 2-7 and features a great combination of activities, stories, games and more, with an emphasis on both learning and fun. Okido is a refreshing change to the usual children’s magazines out there. Excellent magazine.

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Okido is the brainchild of scientist Dr. Sophie Dauvois, and is packed full of informative and fun activities for children and their parents. The phrase ‘Makes Learning Fun’ is perhaps rather overplayed nowadays, but we can tell you that Okido is a very interesting read that carefully balances education with fun. It features plenty of colouring in, experiments (what kid doesn’t love an experiment?), games to play and stories and comics to read.

One of the great things about Okido is the love and attention that is poured into it – as it isn’t produced every week like some other magazines, each each has been carefully planned and is therefore excellently produced. Okido also features some top notch illustration from a large variety of different artists. A winning combination of style and substance that will be appreciated by both children and parents.


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